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Online PR: We will publish online articles to give you more publicity, this way Instagram can see people are talking about you which helps with the verification process.


Verification case setup: Creation of a document which includes extensive research on your social media presence, and reasons why you should be verified. We know what Instagram looks for and this will increase your chances of getting verified. This document will be submitted to Instagram media partners.


Submission to Instagram’s insider staff: We will submit your profile to instagram’s insider staff on several countries who are working with us for these past years.

95% of our customers choose this package, and 100% of them succeeded getting verified.

Additional Information

Processing time: After your order has been completed we’ll reach out to you within 24 hours with some additional question if we have any, depending on your profile. After you placed the request, we usually get back to you within 5-7 business days for the verification case setup and online PR.

Note: Please make sure not to change your username on Instagram or make your account private. It’s important to keep the same username and keep your account open to the public in order for us to work on your case.