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Real Followers, Real People, no Bots!

The followers we send are of the highest quality possible, because they are actually real people connected to our network. Followers will be delivered in 1 – 5 days. Looking for monthy packages instead?

500$ followers
  • Real followers
  • No password required
  • 24/7 support
  • One-time payment
1000$ followers
  • Real followers
  • No password required
  • 24/7 support
  • One-time payment
2500$ followers
  • Real followers
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  • One-time payment
5000$ followers
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  • One-time payment
10000$ followers
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  • One-time payment

Frequently asked questions

Will these accounts unfollow me again?

This is something that rarely ever occurs because we only send accounts that were created by real people. To protect yourself from Instagram purges, you may purchase a refill addon during checkout, starting at only $3.99

Are the followers real?

Yes! The accounts following you are created by real people. However, they only follow you as a result of buying a package with us. The followers are not targeted or interested. They will like, view and follow your content because they get paid a share of the profits we make from this service.

What is my guarantee?

Since we own the network of accounts that will be following you, we can guarantee the delivery of the followers you’ve purchased. If you don’t receive your followers, we will give you a full refund. Just contact our support department via Livechat, Email or WhatsApp if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever. We love to help.

How does the delivery of followers work?

By default, the delivery will gradually increase from 1 – 5 days. We get that it doesn’t look natural when you suddenly receive thousands of followers at once, so we offer the option to select a daily amount. We will deliver the daily amount of followers until all followers have been sent.

Will this put my account at risk?

No. Your Instagram account will be totally safe. The followers and likes you’ll receive are from real people connected to our network. Other websites offer followers which are actually just bot accounts created by automated software. The followers we deliver are actually accounts created by real people. Instagram cannot ban accounts for buying followers, else anyone would be able to buy followes for their competitors to have them shut down. This is 100% safe.

Where are the followers from?

From all over the world. We’re currently working on making targeting options, but those are not ready just yet. For now, you’ll get all kinds of followers from all over the world.

Rated ★★★★★ based on 9 recent reviews

Very satisfied


I use Prime regularly to boost the presence of my clothing boutique on Instagram. It’s quite hard to stand out from the masses, and Prime just gives me that extra touch. Very satisfied with the services so far!

Love it!!
Miranda S.


This is really great!! it boost my page really quick and got into trending several times! The likes are working really great on my page (@sarcastic) 😀



Fast processing of order and delivered my Followers within the hour after payment was processed – Subsequent post rapidly receive the promised number of likes. Beyond excellent service.

Jerry Gutten


Most of the services out there are just giving bots. But in here they are truly giving real people as followers, now we are subscribing to 10.000 followers a month. See @shitideas



My IG is Decoration_Stories, I purchased a package of 500 followers and likes. I’m receiving the followers regularly as planned (100 per day) and I even get likes more than promised!

Awesome experience
Richard Sim


Awesome experience. Fast delivery and responsive. Wonderful follow up and value added services. Highly recommended and you should give it a try!

Impressions goes to the top


3000 followers per month, and the impressions is just wow! I think by buying the followers, my account went to explore several times. thx!! follow @putxasmedia

Really worth it
Nicole V.


I’m a make up artist. By having followers that much it really increase my sales as my page looks really legit and promising with many real followers thanks!

Service 10/10
Jennifer M.


Their customer support is super responsive and I love seeing my clients Instagram accounts grow and flourish in an organic and safe way.

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    Grow an audience fast

    Buying Instagram followers grows your audience quicker than if you have to do it yourself one by one. The people come to you and ask to follow you instead of you needing to look for them. You don’t have to wait more than a few days before your audience goes from 1 to 1,000.

    It takes less effort

    When you buy Instagram followers, you don’t need to scour forums, groups, and other platforms just to find the right people and get them to follow your account. Primebadges will give your username to their network of Instagram users and they will do all the work for you. They will follow you, like your posts and sometimes repost your content on their own feed.

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    Brands and sponsors like to work with influencers that already have a large following. By buying followers you can boost your following quick and easy, so you can get sponsor and brand deals much faster than before. We have literally helped hundreds of clients get deals with huge brands.

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    We have verified over 50 clients so far. These are actual numbers, we can show case studies if you wish (just email our sales department). To get verified on Instagram, you need a large following. Buying followers can increase your chances to get verified, and this method is proven to work over and over again. Try it out!